Photography & Videography

2021: Translucent

For this assignment I took product photography of Round Theory’s Rose. As part of this, created a poster design, billboard design and social media styled photography.

2021: Promotional Video Edit

As my part of my volunteer role for VITA as Marketing Graphic Designer I pulled together prior year footage from the University Ball to create a short 15 second promo video for the upcoming ‘Spritz Bar’ at the 2021 University Ball.

2018 VCE Media Film

Click this link to checkout my VCE Media film “Clown Series II”

My VCE film received the award for ‘Best Film’ at The Monash Youth Film Festival.

2018 VCE Studio Arts 3&4 – ‘Dementia 1, 2, 3’

This photography series was awarded ‘Director’s Choice Award’ at the VCE Graduate Art Exhibition, chosen by Monash University Art Gallery’s Director.

My Artist Statement:

This tryptic explores the impact of dementia. How it affects the mind, stealing sanity.

What elicits the most fear, is that we know how the person is suffering – while they are unaware. They simply continue to fade as each memory, represented here as a pinprick of light floats away, one by one …

2018 VCE Studio Arts 3&4 – ‘Deterioration’

This photography series was a finalist in the Monash Gallery of Art’s TopShots Exhibition.

My Artist statement:

These images represent the inevitability of mind deterioration associated
with ageing. The purposeful burns blister the subject’s mind, leaving negative
spaces of white nothingness – representing ageing as a disease. In the future we face an important moral dilemma. As medicine advances we may find that our bodies are living longer than our minds.

My work titled ‘Deterioration’ displays two portraits of a female subject. Using the material of a torch to burn
the area of the subject’s forehead to represent mind deterioration. The first image displayed a controlled burn to the left corner, which contrasts in the second image where the burn is charred – covering the subjects whole forehead. In doing this I have aimed to juxtapose ageing with disease.

The texture of the burn forms rigid, repetitive lumps, symbolising a disease eroding the subject’s mind. While the literal burn is confrontational, representing the notion of mind deterioration, eliciting fear within my audience who see the subject’s mind as literally lost; this notion remains with them in a ‘stomach-churning’ way.

Burning this paper had the effect of lifting, wrinkling and shrivelling, contrasting with my subject’s skin texture and wrinkles in the image. Additionally the implied texture of the skin has been enhanced through the technique of editing by increasing the clarity and contrast via Adobe Lightroom.

Moreover I created portraits framed tightly around the subject’s body in order to convey feelings of entrapment and claustrophobia to further explore my concepts that the disease-like nature of ageing is inevitable. The use of leaving little space, conveys aesthetics of fear, by conveying that there is no room for movement, that we humans cannot escape ageing.

Two ink-jet prints 50.0 x 42.0 cm (each) reproduction courtesy of the artist and Caulfield Grammar School (Wheelers Hill campus).